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As the largest city, administrative, economic and cultural center of the Istrian county Pula offers to visitors numerous cultural, touristic, entertainment and sports contents. The city that lies on the foundation of three thousand year history is a real lure for any adventurer, culture enthusiasts, lover of history, historical monuments and civilizational heritage.

With a touristic tour, walking, or driving with a taxi troughout Pula you will realize full magic of this town and unbelievable historical wealth that Pula has. In order to get a better idea of Pula history, we will list here some historical sights that you absolutely must see:

1. Pula Amphitheater

Popularly called Arena Pula. This is definitely, a number one spot, central starting point for all those who love history and culture, as well as any tourist enthusiasts. The Amphitheater is most recognizable monument in Pula, combined with a Pula shipyard Uljanik makes sort of dual status symbol of Pula today. Pula amphitheater was built in the first century. He served for gladiator fights, fight against human animals, and overall entertainment Romans. Today in arena we have concerts, sporting events, cultural events and other meetings, entertaining or cultural nature.

3. Triumphal Arch Of The Sergii

Triumphal Arch of The Sergii, or Golden Gate as the citizens of Pula refers to this fascinating structure. Thisis an ancient monument built during the 29th BC in the memory of three brothers from the Sergii family who served in the Ancient Roman army.

Besides these three most famous stamps of the Pula history there are also a number other ancient monuments such as dual gate, Gate of Hercules, small and large Roman theater, Austro-Hungarian military fortress complex located throughout entire Pula city and its surroundings, so if you want Adriatic Taxi team can take you on a personal tour throughout these fortesses.

Besides historical attractions, Pula with the surrounding places is known for its crystal clear sea, nearly 190 km of coastline which is the best guarantee of a great vacation. Of course, next to the beaches are numerous sports facilities ideal for guests looking for active tourism.

During summer Pula abounds with cultural events, of which the most famous is Pula Film Festival. This Festival takes place outdoors in Arena for more than 60 years.

For younger tourists there are many discotheques, clubs, and world popular festivals held in early September at the Fort Punta Christo in Stinjan.

This large Austro-Hungarian fortress is the host of prestigious electronic music festivals: Outlook Festival and Dimensions Festival. Both festivals feature drum n bass, break beat, and other alternative genres of electronic music. During Outlook and Dimensions Festival in Stinjan prevailing audience come from the UK, although there are plenty of visitors from Croatia, the rest of the Europe and the world. If you plan your visit to the Outlook or Dimensions Festival feel free to contact the Adriatic Taxi Pula team because we manage transportation for guests from Pula to the festival site, and also from Pula Airport to the Fort Punta Christo.

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